[Photos] 2016-12-04 Hajimari No Sayonara Fan Event at Nagoya


Anecdotes via Susifg / MShinju:

It was GD’s day indeed. He took a pic of OT5 and another w/ YB to show his love to him for knowing him best. Hopefully he’ll upload them 🙏

In TOP’s letter to VIPs: “I believe in the bond between us. I believe that we’ll meet again. Until that day pls stay healthy. I love you” 😭💕

TOP: “I hate this game” (cuz he never guesses any MV right 😂)
SR: “What kind of game do you wanna do? A wine tasting game?”
TOP’s reply↓😂


YB said that Ai (GD’s cat) is kind of scary. The members explained that she’s shy/not friendly with strangers/ppl visiting GD 🤔

Seungri then said: “Apparently when GD goes to a good restaurant he signs with his name but when the food is not good he signs with mine” 😂

About GD = food blogger if he hadn’t become part of BIGBANG
YB: if you go to a gourmet restaurant in Korea it will definitely have GD’s sign

TOP: I wanna go too!
GD: Let’s go all together
TOP: The next 3 months…
GDYB: Maybe Seungri doesn’t have time… (for them 😅)
SR: I do!

Then YB asked GD: Who do you wanna go to Maldives with?
GD: (cutely pointing at YB) With you!
Then YB made a finger heart for him 🌱💕😊

Q: Where does GD want to travel to?
TOP: To the army with TOP!!!

YB mimicking GD’s mom’s voice (like a gramma):”I’m so worried bcuz my son doesn’t eat fruit”
GD:”Hey, my mom is still not such an old lady!”

… he says: “You both like fruit so much but I don’t”
Then GD explained: “I’m the kind of person who only eats fruit if somebody offers it”

Q: What’s GD’s favorite fruit?
SR: Tangerine ❌
YB: None ⭕️
YB said that whenever GD sees him and Daesung eating fruit backstage he says…
DS: Throw a kiss to his cat ❌

Answer: Kiss his cat (GD said he sleeps w/ his cat & they showed 2 unseen pics of him kissing Ai, so cute 😊💕)

DS: Drink a healthy juice made by his dad ❌
TOP: Smoke w/ his dad ❌😂
DS: 💡 Cat! Cat! Cat! Cat! ❌
SR: Feed his cat ❌
TOP:Smoke w/ his cat ❌😂

Q: What does GD do first after waking up?
DS: Drink a healthy juice made by his mom ❌
SR: Brush his teeth ❌
TOP: Smoke ❌
DS: Drink a…

Q: What would GD be if he weren’t in BIGBANG?
No guesses so GD gave a hint: related to internet
Answer: gourmet blogger (YB guessed blogger)

Q: What’s GD’s hobby?
Nobody got it right 😅

Answer: To draw stuff on clothes and shoes

SR: How the hell did you manage to take that pic? (makes a pose w/ his hand high on top of his head)
TOP: My picture techniques are secret 😏

MC: What’s inside your tumbler?
YB: TOP’s pee
TOP: Did you see my picture?
YB: Seriously… We knew that TOP was crazy but that picture… 😂

Q: Where does GD want to travel to?
TOP: To the army with TOP!!!

Answer: to Maldives (YB guessed it right)

My mistake! It was TOP who got it right 🙇💦 Then GD looked at him & said: “We’re GD&TOP after all 😏”
TOP thought GD had been there already 😅

Credit on pic.

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