Check out the MV for “Where U At” below:

6. His ability to adapt

Even when the song isn’t his, Taeyang can effortlessly adapt the choreography and dance like he owns it.

7. “Ringa Linga”

I think the whole world was shookt when Taeyang released the performance video for “Ringa Linga.” Most of us won’t ever recover…

Check out the original MV below:

8. Every dance is an actual performance

Whether he’s on stage or in the practice room, one thing never changes: Taeyang treats every dance like it’s an actual performance.

9. His freestyle dancing

Even when dancing to songs from girl groups, Taeyang’s freestyle can’t be shaken. No matter what song is thrown at him, he can still keep his cool.

Taeyang is currently in the middle of his world tour for WHITE NIGHT. Check out the “Darling” MV from his latest comeback below!

Hey Soompiers, what do you love most about Taeyang’s dancing? Let us know in the comments below!

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