[Photos | Videos] 2017-08-25 Daesung | D-Lite 【DなSHOW Vol.1】 in Osaka

Daesung had two shows in Osaka today (afternoon and evening).

D-Lite Dna Show Osaka 2017-08-25 (1)

Anecdotes Show 1:

Daesung said that he’s not afraid of roller coasters and that he was just acting for the sake of the tv show 🤣 #DnaShow #Osaka #1stshow

According to Daesung he’s scared of ghosts, fish, insects and animals in general (not just dogs and cats 🤣💦) #DnaShow #Osaka #1stshow


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Anecdotes Show 2:

The YasuTomo sisters were at Daesung’s event today! 👍 they really always make sure to go to BB’s and Daesung’s events!

Daesung was surprised when he spotted them in the audience (they were on the 2nd floor)& thanked them for coming despite their busy schedule

He offered to take a question from them, but YasuTomo passed the offer on to the fans around them ❤️ very thoughtful! 👏

Daesung answered to a question that the most beautiful scenery he has ever seen in his life was BIGBANG’s 10th anniversary stadium concert

DS: I think many of you know – Queen is my favorite artist and I really admire Freddy Mercury. Queen’s Live at Wembley is really famous. I think I have watched Queen’s Live at Wembley a thousand times, also often in the background while being busy with something else. When we had our 10th anniversary concert, the scenery that spread in front of me looked really exactly like Queen’s Live at Wembley. When I went on stage that day, I was in awe. The first moments I was so moved I wasn’t able to sing. I have never felt so moved before. I thought maybe it was only me but when I looked around me, the other members felt the same. SOL-kun might forget the lyrics sometimes but he never forgets the choreography. But that moment he just stood there with a bright happy smile trying to decide where to go first…

We held the first of our anniversary concerts in Osaka, right? That makes Osaka an even more special place.
[today’s event was in Osaka]

Daesung: “I have no recollection of a choreography done perfectly with BIGBANG. The moment we learn it we change it” 😂 #DnaShow #Osaka #2nd

D-Lite Dna Show Osaka 2017-08-25 (2)

D-Lite Dna Show Osaka 2017-08-25 (1)

Photos both events:

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