[Photos | Videos] 2017-01-08 BIGBANG Special VIP Event for VIP5 in Seoul Korea



170108 BIGBANG Fanmeeting Anecdotes via 후드 (Dorami), Z. (@figfling) and HuisuYoon (Kate)

Daesung danced Twice Cheer up dance kk
Jeon Hyun Moo is the MC For fanmeeting

RI : Daesung is so pretty today
Dae : you are more pretty

Seungri went to Africa for New Year
He went Africa for 4 days.
But rains 2 days so he enjoyed safari for 1 day !

GD quit smoking !

RI: GD has a new year’s resolution!
GD: I’ve quit smoking.
*fan shoutings*
GD: I’m on electronic cigarettes though.

Which job GD will have if he was not BB?
Dae : My only one husband

TOP: It was a secret but I bought a vineyard in Argentina not long ago. I’m planning to launch a wine brand too.
He said he will give wines to fans who are in fanmeeting

If Taeyang born as a girl, he will marry Daesung

Q: What do you think TY would do if he were to become a girl for one day?
RI: He would marry DS.


Q: What do you think is the reason why DS doesn’t do SNS?
*no one gets*
DS: I want to be connected w/ fans by heart.

Daesung is possessive over GD? “My one and only husband” kkk

Daesung and Seungri calling each other pretty. What is happening, these two…

Q: What do you think GD would name the group if he went back in 2006?
TY: RI and The Boys.


Q: What do you think RI’s next business plan is?
*no one gets*
The answer was the cancer-diagnosis-kit business.

Q: What do you think TOP thinks he’s best at, better than the other members?
RI: The female hormone?


If GD goes back to debut days, he will rename BIGBANG to Seungri and the boys
Seungri : Let’s change now !!!

Q : what is the New business Seungri is planning?
A : Cancer diagnosis kit

Which song do you like among GD’s song ?
Ri : That XX

If you have sister, which member do you want to introduce to sister as boyfriend?

Ri : GD
Daesung : X

Who is the member who likes VIPs the most?

GD, Tae, TOP, Dae : All members
Ri : Taeyang


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