[OFFICIAL] BIGBANG DAESUNG Will Enlist On The 13th Following GD•TAEYANG… Volunteered Last Year
[OFFICIAL] BIGBANG Drew the Greatest Number of Audiences Among Korean Artists… Audiences Drawn by YG Artists Surpass 2 Million
[OFFICIAL] BIGBANG SEUNGRI Will Hold His First-Ever Solo Concert in 12 Years Since Debut… Date Confirmed as August 4·5th
[OFFICIAL] BIGBANG Webtoon to be Released Today (20th) in Korea, United States, and Japan (ft. Character GO BLINGS)
[OFFICIAL] BIGBANG’s New Single ‘FLOWER ROAD’ to be Released on the 13th… Composed By GD·Written By T.O.P “Made With Enlistment in Mind”
[Official] BIGBANG’s TAEYANG Chosen as Hononary Ambassador of 2018 PyeongChang Olympics and is Preparing a New Song
[Official] G-DRAGON to Come Back with a USB Album
[Official] TAEYANG unveiled the MV of “Intro”, the first track of new album “WHITE NIGHT”… Bold promotions
[Official] Title track of G-DRAGON’s solo comeback album is “UNTITLED”… “The story of ordinary man Kwon Jiyong”
[OFFICIAL] Tracklist For SEUNGRI’s First Solo Album Revealed (ft. MINO→B.I)
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