[Photos | Videos] 2014-10-28 G-Dragon Chow Tai Fook Fanmeeting in Hong Kong



Video & Translation by Captain-G | http://weibo.com/captaing | http://twitter.com/_gtothed

Q&A simple English translation:

Question 1: What are you doing lately?
GD: I am busy preparing for Japan dome concert and album

Question 2: How do you feel about this cooperation with CTF?
GD: It's very interesting and i'm happy to work with those talented people and i'm happy to share the accessories with fans

Question 3: How should we normal people mix and match our daily outfit with the GD x CTF accessories?
GD: (laugh) it's very cool if you just wear the accessories

(GD surprised at a baby's cry)

Question 4: How should we attract GD's attention when we wear the accessories?
GD: I will be happy if you wear the accessories I design

Question 5: What's your design inspiration?
GD: My logo and my tattoo

Question 6: Seems all the prices of the accessories are related to 8, why?
GD: 8 is my lucky number and related to my birthday

Question 7: Who is the first person you'd like to give the accessories to as gift?
GD: (laugh) YG, because he loves gold (lol)

Question 8: Did any of you friend make any comments on your accessories? Which is their favourite style?
GD: I showed the design to other BIGBANG members and Taeyang loves the bracelet and he has one

Question 9: What do you want to eat in HK?
GD: I saw many restaurants on my way here and i want to try them all.

Question 10: Can you show you love to your fans in HK?
GD: i love you... love you...i love you ( in cantonese so cute)

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