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[SHOW] 150503 BIGBANG's interview cut from Inki by bbvipchannel

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Pre-recording reports by @Shrimpljy

When TOP stood  up to pre-record his part, fans said "Do you like it? You like it?! Jo ~~~Ah (Do you like it)?! We like your updates!! Do you like it!?!"

Seungri: There are faces I see for the first time. Raise your hand if you come to the pre-recording for the first time! Thank you! And those who were the official VIPs before as well? Thank you!

Taeyang: It's hard ~~~! (lyrics of LOSER)
Daesung: Guys, are you feeling tired?

[The pre-recording ended up starting at about 6pm with one hour delay, however fans have been queuing since 2am in the morning.]

Fans: No!!!
Daesung: You're lying.

After the recording Daesung took off his coat and said "It's hot".
Fans shrieked "Kyaaaaaaaa"

When G-Dragon and Daesung came up to the stage, fans shrieked "Kyaaaaaa!!!" and GD shrieked "Kyaaaaaaaaak!!" with fans too.

Seungri: You can sing along with us ~. Please sing together so that we (BIGBANG) don't feel lonely. I want to record this well. Fighting ~!! Fightinggggg~!!

Today, Inkigayo pre-recording started from 5am, so BIGBANG gave a sticky rice cake and a beverage to fans as breakfast.

<BIGBANG's message (see photo)>

GD: Did you eat a meal?! Eat much ~ I love you ~
Seungri: For my Bae Bae VIP
TOP: Eat them deliciously!
Daesung: For you
Taeyang: Eat them, digest them, and cheer for us warmly V.I.P

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