[Video | ENG transcript] 2015-05-22 BIGBANG on MNet Countdown Japan

English transcript by Kate @HuisuYoon
Translation of unseen parts (compared to Korean version):

RI: how do you feel like being here MCD again? TY: Yeah, I'm.. here. lol I haven't thought I would be here again.

RI: Why? you like MCD!
TY: Yeah I do. I just haven't thought that we would release an album again. haha

RI: Did you get your eyebrow scratched?
TY: Yes, I did.
RI: It looks cool

TOP saying DS looks like a rock star back in 70s*
GD: RI doesn't look like one even his outfits are like this.

RI: Okay let's do this hwaiting for MCD! *stretching his hand
TOP: Why is your hand so hairy?!
TY: Why is it so dirty?!!

DS: Look at this!
TY: It's grubby!
RI: It's not grubby, it's just that callus has formed bc I learn Jujitsu!

DS: I was in Japan for last 3 yrs. It's just I got a cold, not feeling that well today. I hope to make a good stage...

RI: wow 8 cameras are here.
DS: What camera is this you holding?
RI: self-camera.
DS: MCD's?

GD: There are many cameras here, why are you filming as well? it's distracting LOL

RI: Is this cool stage made specially for BB?
PD: ofc, just for BB.
RI: How much did it cost?
PD: idk. we owed a debt LOL

Are you doing a part-time job?
RI: Yeah, MCD asked me to do this self-recording. I'll demand my pay later.

GD: Is it safe to be up there 2nd floor? isn't it dangerous?

GD: Is this angel statue what we usually use, or a new one?
RI: Isn't it ours?
GD: Is it?
TY: I don't think it's ours.

GD: sth seems different.
TOP: Her face seems a bit swollen.
GD: Did she get a plastic surgery? got a face filler? LOL

RI: I'm wearing red today. Each members are trying to show some kinda characters, like they jumped out of fairy tales.

So you're a red riding hood?
RI: more like steamed rice cake w/ red beans.

RI: BAEBAE is the song which bounces, has strange lyrics, catchy melody. 5 BB members' different voices are included, showing each member's characters. Everyone can enjoy it. It's a very unique song.

TOP: I'm not that satisfied with today's stage yet. looks like our moves and stuffs are not making a perfect harmony, yet.

TOP: I'm not really into SNS thing, it's just for communications, not for my fun. but I'm having a little bit of fun.

TOP: I just say meaningless things, doesn't having some kinda meanings that much.

TOP: there is no standard on which comment I'm going to reply to and which comment that I'm not. but I'm not going to write replies anymore. I feel sorry that I write comments to someone and I don't to others, so...

TY: It's been 3 years since last time we have done this as a group. It's fun and it feels good.

TY: More than anything, there's no time to get bored, during waiting times, times between. We make fun, play, it's nice.

RI: I'm glad that we're doing this as a group after all the solo promotions. I especially feel close to Mnet, and I'm happy to be here again. I'm happy to see all producers whom I've known for a long time again.

RI: What was that famous entertainment program of Mnet?
RI: Yeah, Wide Entertainment News, is it still running?

PD: No, it ended.
GD: No there isn't.
RI: It ended?
GD: What time are you living right now?

RI: It was the main program of Mnet though. GD laughs*
PD: seems like you don't watch Mnet that much.
RI: ... I do...

Any special reason that you released BAEBAE and LOSER?
GD: You should ask Mr.YG. he decided. LOL

GD: it feels good to songs are doing well in charts. I'm not doing music because of the charts, but as we prepared working hard and seeing people like the song when we release, then it feels good, fulfilled as a musician.

DS: Actually the word "sticky rice cake" doesn't mean anything LOL the words sounds good when pronounced, so we used it.

DS: But the MV is Rated R and.. from that, many fans gave lots of meanings. Their imaginations seems awesome, and.. LOL

DS: yeah I had fun today. They made a great stage for us. The members are all satisfied.

TOP: There is another song to be performed, LOSER. don't expect anything, we'll do well even if you don't. LOL

GD touching DS's chest*
GD: Your chest.. wow. How can this be so pumped up? it really is, right?

GD touching RI's chest* RI: And RI's..
TY: his is originally a bit pumped.

GD: *to TOP* Have you touched DS's chest?
DS: TOP's chest is more....
TOP: I don't have pumped chest anymore.

GD: Yeah, TOP's is pumped too... Why are you all have big chests?
TY: my chest is big too.
GD: Why are y'all.. I don't...

TY: Men should do some chest work-out.
RI: All BIGBANG members have big chests.

RI: What kinda stage did you prepare for us?
PD: There are mirrors and the lifts will make your stage go up and down...

RI: There are lifts? those are expensive.

TY: I know y'all would write "SR oppa said this and that! SR oppa is fuking handsome!"
DS: "He made our heart blown-up!"

TY: "he's the gangster of the gap between when you see his photo and when you see him for real!"
RI: I'm what!?!! LOL

PS: RI said he's more like of the "prince" of rice cake w/ red beans



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