[Videos | ENG transcript] 2015-09-07 G-Dragon x Taeyang "Take Care of my Fridge"


Individual Clips Playlist (as soon as the whole episode is available online ,we will add it to his post):

Transcript, screencaps and English translation by Dana @bigbanggisvip

Jung Hyung Don: GD has a cheap taste in food.
GD: It's true. I eat anything well. I'm not picky.

YB: We couldn't spend more than $5 on a meal. So we would save up & skip meals to order Jjajangmyun

YB: When we were shooting Infinite Challenge, GD brought super expensive truffles to a trip and put it in the rice. I think it was for show.

GD: My family. My parents and my sister.
JHD: Dang, if we find any traces of a girl, he can blame it on his sis

YB: I think he might have set his fridge for show.
GD: Ya, what does that make me!

GD: I don't really know most of the stuff in my fridge. I just grab whatever I see. I like to eat simple stuff with rice.




GD: I eat cup ramen a lot when I'm on tours. I put this hot sauce to make it more spicy and tasty.
*chefs try it*

Chef: GD said he has a cheap taste, but it doesn't look like so looking at the ingredients in his fridge!
JHD: It's not him it's his mom LOL

(Truffles in GD's fridge)

GD: I love truffle, so I put it on fried egg, and I like to put it on my food.
JHD: Can the chefs use it up?
GD:.... maybe leave some.



*finds Truffles, Foie gras, and Caviar in GD's fridge*
GD: Caviar is actually really easy to eat with something like mashed potato.

GD's desired menu:

"bang bang bang the food that CEO yang will love"
"My seafood is zutter (dope/the best)"

YB: GD's like that one rich kid who brings all this food in his lunch box and I feel like a kid that only has kimchi

GD: CEO YG invites us bb members to his house &cooks food for us. I haven't cooked for him yet, so I want to learn to make something for him

MCs: What would CEO Yang think about this food?
GD: *turning into CEO YG* I'll tell you after I eat.

MC: What would u compare this dish to?
GD: Our song <IF YOU>
JHD: Idk that song, sing it
GD: If you~ If you~

GD: The food tastes so saucy/spicy, I feel like it's 19+.
YB: It feels like I'm sinning as I'm eating this *jokes*

YB: GD might choke on the fish bones
JHD: Do u want him to?
YB: No but it'll be funny
JHD: Do u hate him? *jokes*

*Taeyang finds 2 fish bones in his food*
YB: Guess it's karma. I will live with a good soul from now on. *jokes*

Chef Lee Yeon Bok: People my age may not know Bigbang, but I know every member's name very well. Thanks to Gdaegun..
Everyone: Gdaegun? LOL

YB: It was fun. It was like eating out with my close friends.
GD: It was amazing. I learned that expensive ingredient isn't all to cooking.