[Videos | Photos | ENG trans] 2015-12-02 BIGBANG win 4 Awards at MAMA 2015 in Hong Kong

Awards won:

  • Best Music Video
  • IQiyi Favourite Worldwide Artist
  • UnionPay Song of the Year
  • UnionPay Artist of the Year


  • Loser
  • Bae Bae

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YouTube Playlist with Fancams from BIGBANG at MAMA 2015:




Photos BIGBANG at After Show WINNER Press Conference

MAMA China Weibo ?? 2015-12-02 (6)bigbangmusic.info bigbang-articles big-bang-mama-2015-3

bigbangmusic.info bigbang-articles big-bang-2015-mama-6

bigbangmusic.info bigbang-articles big-bang-mama-2015-2

bigbangmusic.info bigbang-articles big-bang-mama-2015-1

bigbangmusic.info bigbang-articles big-bang-mama-2015-5

bigbangmusic.info bigbang-articles big-bang-mama-2015-4

bigbangmusic.info bigbang-articles big-bang-mama-2015-1-800x450

MAMA China Weibo ?? 2015-12-02 (2)

MAMA China Weibo ?? 2015-12-02 (3)

MAMA China Weibo ?? 2015-12-02 (4)

MAMA China Weibo ?? 2015-12-02 (5)

MAMA China Weibo ?? 2015-12-02 (1)

MAMA China Weibo ?? 2015-12-02 (5)MAMA China Weibo ?? 2015-12-02 (4)MAMA China Weibo ?? 2015-12-02 (3)MAMA China Weibo ?? 2015-12-02 (2)bigbangmusic.info bigbang-articles big-bang-mama-2015-1-800x450bigbangmusic.info bigbang-articles big-bang-mama-2015-4bigbangmusic.info bigbang-articles big-bang-mama-2015-5bigbangmusic.info bigbang-articles big-bang-mama-2015-1bigbangmusic.info bigbang-articles big-bang-mama-2015-2bigbangmusic.info bigbang-articles big-bang-2015-mama-6bigbangmusic.info bigbang-articles big-bang-mama-2015-3MAMA China Weibo ?? 2015-12-02 (1)MAMA China Weibo ?? 2015-12-02 (6)

Source: http://www.weibo.com/u/5553979703 and Soompi

Acceptance speeches
Translations via KIMJ1WON

IQiyi Favourite Worldwide Artist

pbs.twimg.com media CVOLhQjVEAAYw8-

Best Music Video

pbs.twimg.com media CVOEH7LUwAAvnnD


Acceptance Speeches for SONG of the Year and ARTIST of the Yeartranslation via Dana:

Daesung: Thank you so much. Thank you so much for giving us so much love for such a long time. Although all awards are so precious to us, as the yrs go on, the love & the awards feel more and more valuable. We will always work hard to meet your expectations, and thank you so much to our ceo and all our staffs, and thank you to our parents. I love you all. Thank you so much.
TOP: It’s been 10yrs since the 5 of us have been together &we’ve received overwhelming awards & been through so much. I would like to sincerely thank our parents and our fans who always support us by our side. We, Bigbang, are the happiest people when we are thinking about how to create new music, stages & expressions. Although being a singer may look lavish and fancy, there are so many staffs who work hard behind the scenes. Thank u so much 2 everyone

Acceptance Speeches for ARTIST of the Year– translation via Dana:

Taeyang said this may be the last MAMA performance for Bigbang for a long time T_____T

Taeyang: Thank u so much for this big award today Like what TOP hyung said, we r reaching our 10th anniversary. We’ve sang so many songs and been through so much. Thank you to our fans for supporting and loving us under any circumstances. I think we were able to receive this award thanks to the staffs who work hard behind the scenes and stay up more nights than us. We will work harder to become artists who suit the title of this award. Thank you so much again.

GD: Receiving awards always makes me more nervous than performing. Thank you so much. The 5 of us were lucky to have ur love and support to produce good music in a good environment, the biggest happiness &prize for artists. As the yrs go, we do feel a bit more burdened, but we will continue on with our music career with a happy heart.

When we were young, we dreamed of becoming singers listening to the music of senior artists and watching their stages, and I still have vivid memories about it. The five of us will work hard, until time allows, to become artists who can remain and linger in the hearts and the memories of those who are living in this generation with us.

I love you, VIPs. We do not think that we made it ourselves, but we think that we are where we are today thanks to all our staffs & fans. We will continue to work harder. I love you MAMA, and to all the artists, you’ve worked hard, good job!

Taeyang  grabbed the microphone at the end again: 

Translation by Kate @HuisuYoon

Lastly, I want to say.. I think it will take a long time for us BIGBANG, all 5 of us, to be here at MAMA again. We performed what we wanted to perform through MAMA for so many times, and we thank MAMA for always giving us amazing awards. It’s been an honor, thank you so much. One thing a bit sad is that there are not many artists here now when we’re receiving award. We BIGBANG will see you again w/ more amazing stage and music. Thank you.


Screencaps (by BIGBANGmusic):

screen2screen5screen1big10big15big55big4000big6000selfie1song15song50bb410bb5000song2song10song15song50ri01ri200bbbbbb1bbb3mama21mama17amam12maam30mama12mama10mama11mama8mama4twitter.com  CVN58yLWwAA6C7t

MORE pictures from MAMA 2015 (credit as tagged):

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