[Announcement] BIGBANGmusic Website is being phased out ...

Dear All,

I meant to do this in 2020 already, but then hung in there until now, but after 8+ years running this website and its Social Media Channels all on my own, I decided to phase out this website. With BIGBANG coming back for one more song with STILL LIFE to then disappear again, I decided to now stop this website apart from some automatic updates - everything else will only be updated irregularly.

The website will remain online for now. However, any update that requires a manual posting will only be done very selectively and at (most) times not at all.

With this said, thank you for all your support over the past 8+ years.

All the best,

Please keep on supporting BIGBANG. Watch. Listen. Stream.
Thank you.

Links for Watching and Listening: YouTube | Spotify | Apple Music 

Summary of all the achievements including record breaking results for #BIGBANG for 봄여름가을겨울 (Still Life) in the first 24 hours 🙏

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