Dalshabet’s recent title track “Joker” was banned for a subtle lyrical reason rather than for its extremeley sexy choreography and revealing outfits. The word “?” (pronounced “jot”) which already seems similar to the word “?”(pronounced “joh”) is a crude vocabulary that refers to a very specific private part only present in males. However, the ban was lifted after the group modified the lyrics.

In addition, according to agency Happy Face Entertainment, “The song ‘I’m Not’ has received denial from MBC due to the word KakaoTalk, being in the lyrics.”


Stellar – “Vibrato”

Not much has to be said about this unbelievably provocative music video by girl group Stellar. Owning the 19+ sexy concept from their G-string teasers, the girls were able to top the music video charts with “Vibrato.”

Jay Park – “Mommae”

For this track, the artist used a genius video teaser method to get fans excited for its release. However, due to its 19+ rating, the “Mommae” music video also was unable to receive approval from broadcast officials.

INFINITE H – “Sorry I Was Busy”

This track by the INFINITE subunit was deemed unfit for broadcast by KBS. The profanity and vulgar expressions as well as inclusion of Japanese lyrics were an issue, as stated by the television station.

FIESTAR – “One More”

The lyrics to this title track were banned as broadcast station representatives shared there were implications of a sexual threesome. The group revised the lyrics in the midst of their promotions, responding quickly to the stations’ requests.


The trippy music video of the YG Entertainment power group BIGBANG as a part of their extended comeback joins the banned list as well. The inclusion of sometimes not-so-subtle innuendo present in the music video was a deliberate decision on the part of the artists and they felt it was not an issue as all the members are 20+.

Zico – “Tough Cookie”

This Block B member is known for his trendy hip hop and natural confidence, recently serving as a team leader on Show Me The Money 4. However, his solo track ran into some international diapproval with its homophobic and racial slurs as well as use of sensitive imagery.

Source:Time and Asiae


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Why Are Some BIGBANG Fans Upset with YG?

Why Are Some BIGBANG Fans Upset with YG?

It seems some BIGBANG fans are unhappy with how YG Entertainment is handling the promotion of rookie group iKON, and have taken to an online community to express their frustrations.

On December 25, some fans claimed that YG was using BIGBANG to give iKON publicity, especially regarding the song that G-Dragon wrote for their newest album. YG touted the song as “the first time G-Dragon has worked on a song for someone outside of his own group” – however, the fans called this a lie, and provided proof that G-Dragon had in fact written the song “Party” for Uhm Jung Hwa back in 2008.

gdragon ikon songwriting

The fans went on to say that YG is trying too hard to force a connection between the two groups. For example, they said, iKON was the opening act at every stop of BIGBANG’s Japan tour, iKON albums were being sold at the venue of BIGBANG’s concerts, and that when iKON debuted the press made remarks such as “iKON is younger than BIGBANG” and “iKON is better at dancing than BIGBANG.”

Because of these things, these fans demanded YG stop using BIGBANG to promote “the junior group that is causing damage to them.” They added, “Both groups are doing just fine on their own, but YG has overstepped their boundaries and are trying to sell them both together.”

So far, there has been no official response from YG or from the VIP fandom at large. Since this is the opinion of only a small group of fans, it’s unsure whether or not YG will even address their concerns at all.

You tell us, Soompiers! Do you think YG is at fault here, or do you feel that there’s nothing wrong with cross-promotion between the two groups?

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iKON Thanks BIGBANG’s G-Dragon for Song and Listens With Fans on Live Broadcast

iKON Thanks BIGBANG’s G-Dragon for Song and Listens With Fans on Live Broadcast

iKON has thanked BIGBANG member G-Dragon for gifting them with a song that has been included on their new album.

It was reported last week that G-Dragon had given iKON the song “I Miss You So Bad” after composing it with DEE.P and then deciding the song would be better suited for another group. The lyrics for the track were written as a collaboration between G-Dragon and iKON members B.I and Bobby.

As iKON counts down to the midnight release of their first full-length album on December 23 with a live broadcast on Naver’s V app, they play the song for fans. Watch the video of the guys enjoying the finished product off their album below!


They explain during the show, “G-Dragon came into our recording studio and told us to try this song, and gave it to us.”

iKON’s leader B.I says, “It means a lot. We’re the first group outside of BIGBANG that he’s given a song to. He cares about us that much.” He then thanks G-Dragon for the track.

The group also says, “Our sunbae’s precious song is a big help to our full album. We’ll work hard to become an awesome group like our sunbaes.”

iKON’s first full album “Welcome Back” was dropped at midnight KST on December 24, and features their two title tracks “What’s Wrong?” and “Dumb and Dumber.”

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From BIGBANG to iKON∙PSY… YG dominated music charts for the year 2015


[OSEN=선미경 기자] YG Entertainment’s musicians swept top places on music charts of the year 2015. From BIGBANG to PSY, half of No.1 places on music charts for this year have been taken by YG artists.
BIGBANG carried out their comeback project “MADE” from May this year and swept No.1 places on on-line music charts and monthly charts until August. Every song BIGBANG released, including “LOSER”, “BANG BANG BANG”, “SOBER”, and “LET’S NOT FALL IN LOVE”, has dominated music charts, displaying BIGBANG’s big influence and power once again.
Following BIGBANG, YG’s rookie group iKON took No.1 on charts in September. They made their debut with debut warm-up single “MY TYPE” and established their presence in the music scene by sweeping music charts upon their debut and recording long-run hit, which is a very exceptional case for a rookie group.
Then, PSY who came back to the music scene on December 1 with his 7th full album took No.1 on on-line charts and weekly charts. In this December, the highest number of songs was released so it was not easy to stay in No.1 ranking on charts even for a day. However, PSY’s “DADDY” and “NAPAL BAJI” are recording long-run hits. As of December 22 at 10am, the music video of “DADDY” surpassed 70 million views. 
“A Little Girl” of Oh Hyuk from HIGHGRND, a label established by TABLO of YG Entertainment, is recording a big hit for a month as well. Considering the fact that TV dramas’ original sound tracks are excluded from monthly charts, PSY is highly likely to take No.1 on December’s monthly charts.
As such, YG has taken half of No.1 places on charts for this year, despite fierce competition between all those different songs. As iKON’s first full album will be released on the 24 and WINNER will come back in January next year, YG is expected to record even bigger success for the year 2016.
2015. 12. 22.

Source: YG Life

[Exclusive] Complete team of BIGBANG appears in “Gaon Chart K-Pop Awards” on Feb. 17, next year

[스타뉴스=길혜성 기자] BIGBANG (G-DRAGON, T.O.P, TAEYANG, DAESUNG, and SEUNGRI), one of the leading K-pop idol boy groups, will appear as a complete team in “Gaon Chart K-Pop Awards” which is the most fair and transparent music awards in Korea.
On/off-line media outlet Star News and Korea’s official music chart Gaon have hosted “Gaon Chart K-Pop Awards” every year since 2012, which calculates the sales volume records of songs and albums on major music-streaming websites and awards the “best singer of the year” prize to the No.1 song of every month and quarter.
The fifth “Gaon K-Pop Awards” will be held on February 17, 2016, at the Jamsil Students’ Gymnasium in Seoul.
The awards is already drawing keen attention, as the complete team of BIGBANG who recorded great success with singles of “MADE” series released from May to August, 2015, will perform in it.
As BIGBANG has recently been carrying out “MADE” world tour successfully, it has been long since the last time when BIGBANG made an official public appearance in Korea as a complete team; so, BIGBANG’s appearance in the awards is drawing all the more attention.
Music fans are now paying keen attention to what kind of performances BIGBANG will show on the stage of the Gaon Awards.
2015.12. 23.

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BIGBANG and EXO to Attend the 5th Gaon K-Pop Awards

BIGBANG and EXO to Attend the 5th Gaon K-Pop Awards

Representative K-pop groups BIGBANG and EXO have been confirmed to be attending the 5th Gaon K-Pop Awards on February 17, 2016.

The Gaon K-Pop Awards is held every year by Gaon, a national music record chart in South Korea, to commemorate the top artists in the domestic music scene in the previous year. Awards are given to the top artists for every month of the year (based on digital song sales) and every quarter (based on album sales).

BIGBANG made their five-member comeback in 2015 after a long hiatus, releasing a new single every month from May to August as part of their “MADE” album series. They are currently in the middle of their highly successful world tour.

EXO also had a strong showing in album sales this year, releasing their second full-length album “EXODUS,” the repackaged version “Love Me Right,” and the special winter album “Sing For You.”

Both groups are expected to perform at the ceremony at the Seoul Student Gymnasium on February 17, 2016.

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